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gone. one we will . eye joyce in the coming season thanks for joining us communists. he told sweet to us most is told diplomats isn't what it does not want to do things. the blocks and debated and decided to throw his weight behind in the lead up to my chest until light and the week before elections in afghanistan the taliban takes the oath he is a range of fact the russia has no
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intention to open state in eastern ukraine that was the message from forming this is the ideal of love today ahead of crucial talks with his us counterpart don't carry on sunday. rowe said to his country had no interest in crossing ukraine will adapt and despite having thousands of troops lined up along it. his comments appeared to be causing the new effort by the russian leadership to ease tensions with the us president barack obama has become a state visit to saudi arabia and that he received a phone call from his russian counterpart that it happened to my house said he had called to discuss the us proposal for a diplomatic resolution to the ukraine crisis. obama reportedly suggested that lost to respond to my son foreign ministers of russia and united states have spoken on the phone to discuss both the contacts he has since
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rush is an extension of crimea. thousands of russian soldiers have been stationed on the borders to ukraine his head mounted the oscar might be preparing to invade east in ukraine. the us has made. it would be unacceptable. i can't happen there will be further consequences that will hurt pressure even more. and further isolate them put it diplomatically economically or militarily from the rest of the world began. russia says it does no one to embrace eastern ukraine. most louis louis have absolutely no intentional medieval interested and crossing ukraine sport is it's been so absolutely upset. this reinforces the message from pigeon that russia would separate the crimea. on friday he praised the russian attitudes actions on the internet. he told ukrainian troops there who want to set the government in kiev to meet the area. some ukrainian military units would regain their arms and
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equipment. new images so what do the silly season despite the kremlin really mean our cars on the right column davis's fee for moscow secondly it seems that the kremlin know once the west and the us especially to think that they are trying to ease tensions and this is just a strategic move our aid there will be it's in a serious suggestion sag and on that remains to be seen is the fact that it was the first time that my new pc called back obama in this crisis before i was always the us reaching out to live at the same time and the inside the kremlin has everything to them to sell itself and on to getting here inside russia and also quite interesting that when we look at the helm tied to the kremlin about this official fan took that toppled the tech said a common has been published what about the breakaway region consisting of which belongs to modena and two team than the tiny raise his concerns over the situation of russian speaking people intense history up to some
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expertise suggests that maybe that might now when you shift the focus there so it's really to delhi to say at what's behind this time calling if it's all good speaking to is a new world and ukraine is salespeople are gearing up for elections to choose a new cousin is coming up in may and the ground is shifting the one leading lights of the protest movement dropping out to the ranks to become the place god is giving his support to him. only god. i like and he says his basket ounces. the champion turned politician to tell the kids can lead to mass protests that toppled ukraine's form a government that is posted at one in ten canadians would vote for him in the upcoming presidential elections. he says he won't be running yesterday i read in the interests of ukraine to preserve unity. i offer my support of the presidential election. patrick was saying go. as you can give it up all of ukraine's democratic
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forces arch. santos one of ukraine's most powerful businessmen. and he can be supportive to my template s commitment. with approval rating for around twenty five percent. there is a good chance that he will be the country's next president my kids could push him who has a background in ukrainian politics. like if he promises to increase the tree standing up and given russia's latest intentions on the ukrainian tara tree. a mass grave is known to the appointment of the post occupation the country faces gigantic risks and challenges that require quick and effective decision making in our country needs unity. former ukrainian prime minister tymoshenko is still standing nicknamed the best princess because of how she and her fourteen percent who was jailed for corruption but released the staggering despite a loyal following he trails it all behind bush and co in the polls. that
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would spawn dismissal and see some of the new snow in hungary's prime is a tool but has told supporters he wants another four years to steal his country back on track hundreds of thousands of his supporters went on carrying flags on the streets of budapest to show their backing for his government latest opinion polls showed that more than thirty percent of its back on and he's consent in policy if we elected obama has promised more tilts and this hectic us national security and says he can relate to date on one hundred and twenty two nd nationally says in a single month as according to the german news magazine desk beagle. besides the database from may two thousand and nine which was among the files collected form and has a contract that includes nation. newly released information shows that more than three hundred licence with places on john's house i'm gonna go put it into a speedo. it was revealed that the nsa has been wandering in
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a coal smoke. the suicide bombing on the lebanese syrian border has left at least three people danced the bow my destinations his car near eleven east checkpoints in the eastern city of us on a council region has seen a spillover of conflict across the board as suited. syrian forces as their campaign against rebels to terrorists group three days of the free sunni muslims has taken responsibility for the attack beyond the taliban has claimed responsibility for another attack in the afghan capital kabul. this time in the soul of the headquarters of the country's electoral commission. as the body is in charge of next weekend's presidential election but that the taliban has vowed to disrupt. this all went on for hours. suicide bombers on the stroke of some gunfire on the election commission's headquarters right in the middle of kabul. i know
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about. lloyd individuals wearing has entered the building without fortunately that was killed by our posts is due to the basement when i go to that. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack less than two weeks. they threatened to disrupt the upcoming presidential election with a campaign of bombings and assassinations just every week to give insurgents attacked a police station in the eastern city of jeddah about leaving ten officers dead. placed on the same day. four gunmen stormed the choice to remain hotel in kabul. nine civilians including two children die. election monitors were among the hotel's guests that time undeterred by the violence tens of thousands of afghans are registering to vote on the ankle the fifth. i must say there will be a real test of democracy in the country current president of the concert is not eligible to stand. says crews are looking for the missing
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malaysia airlines flight and they should three seventy state that they house policies of new objects placing in the indian ocean but they haven't been able to recover them yet the australian maritime safety authority says of the national center for the flight is wrapped up for the day. the australians save the dates. he is going to be from the plane turned out to be honest. rescuers who will return to the sectarian east of australia. to the bus from the us australia on sunday it was coming up in a memo to the class is around to some other stories making news ever looked. tens of thousands of anti government protesters have marched through the thai capital bangkok. the revised list a campaign against promising not to want comes a day before a crucial votes to elect a new stamps. i was in california a magnitude five earthquake has shaken the los angeles instance there was about thirty km east of downtown santa cruz whom i know and there have been no
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reports of each. dozens of same couples across england and wales that i can not often you start to legalizing gay marriage came into force the couple's the exchange that was just as the clock struck midnight. the food in paris husbands and husbands or what. this was no way i hope to hunt has ended finally finding its winning run in the bundesliga and the variance and tossed into a three one million above sea and the sending of it and wrote that sinful me know what enables control of the high level match fitness and friel and kristen into the grand champions nineteen game winning streak. but the rest of the weekend's results to follow the light they slowly because the warehouse at my last place outside. ten man stoke up most of bill clinton postponed the fact that two one and might split the bills
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last friday. we'll try the fried egg that costs are still playing his gym bag to school day is tuesday to friday. and so on friday champagne fleets his hands his fourth loss in iraq with a two nil win against it is in his article. sean penn's could imagine fighting spirit determined to clinch second place in the championships the hearing for which data due out causing it to the fittest go seamlessly in the sixteenth minute. and the second update something similar style just twenty nine seconds in to play bouncy set up the second goal that don't strike that caused him to be the insights he knew well. liz had it gone but their final hope was dashed when the referee disallowed sebastian nine times today. the finals goal to nil. shelton was on course for champions league qualification. sold this is all sing together leaves of a seated table looking like
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this at the top and instill pride to playful and sweet lucrative champions league places to go walk on that just a single point behind the string away the keys in the battle for the real action is the most and the three months by showing some signs of life now is to join them in the portsmouth to relegation places while i am but have a child to climb as the boss of treatment they play advancements in the dark on sunday. went to milan lewis hamilton has and his second goal in two races this season off the top in qualifying at the malaysian grown pretty greasy strive to was fun sees in the rain hits into the seat next to it. dr is a hard time staying on the track in the qualifying rounds of termination. don't worry. love is a key driver lewis hamilton managed to hold on and playing the bus this time. his second pole position in the red. during this section forever to get there for everyone to be at the end it was him almost
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across the sea and the kingdom of us that the actors couldn't see a thing the end of combat. she was shocked when did you know when the corners were with a break. the braves finished just hundreds of the second ahead of world champion sebastian coe. the red light the struggles because of the brain. because of the patients and that it is hard to say. i ate was a good day for the mercedes team his teammate nico rosberg was stopped from that place in sunday's race the house and you still send events the best two tennis players in the world has made it through to sunday's final in the prestigious sony open in miami with mtv has him bowl number one ruckman and dolls seen practising vehicle three when his opponent was due to illness. this early enough that it backed up with two when his opponent is to lead to an injury. there is a mountain bike in the most
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impressive mountain bike isn't cutting the sling and i indicate that the recent three teams of two rises is that i'm facing them and the accountant that it stays cool ride is climate continuously from great detail good company it is total height difference of two thousand nine hundred and two years the belgian italian due. well i listened and content yemeni law fuss over the line. but the gem and jake combat robot man and i'm christian claim they can defend is that the only iraqis who ran on to stage weeks in a little bit of havoc with the number of riders for it. it is. finally credit system unique is it has turned out to the mine to the fourteen week old on the bed comes. at one mile and one female still to have names that they look to be in good health the state from it in the air and sunshine great job on the plate with all spring but dad again and he was. he recently made into
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a system to come to end the meeting him for awhile and i'll email in advance sometimes scare me. keep safe distance to most eyes were watching. see again the soviets the us. i'm. went to study in germany. and you still have lots of questions you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don t you study in germany the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. to the eye. i
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need a chance to sign it the peninsula is now part of russia. when come to find out what that means ordinary crime units. and how their day to day diets of being affected by the crisis. it's the morning. anton is applying for pa sport the new russian passports the twenty eight year old is one of the first people to do
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this for you. he tells me that all he needs to apply news is that certificate. a copy of his current passports and two hundred the russian rubles it. how skinny he has the money flowing to pieces anton is a taxi driver. he's doing great business crippled the media in crime and amendments. i asked him about the russian annexation. it's the crimea is now part of russian tea sets. he hasn't called me on a trip into that means paying my taxes to russia. all of you. i've already paid taxes for this quarter to ukraine. lori you i should get theirs. i sure hope so. those tiny defense and to my new passport. and then. but palace of culture is now a business center
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the talk of is also doing ongoing trade in the moments come true says the woman ten crowd everyone will get better. until i come backstage at a time and share instead of seeking fifteen minutes of fame. these people launched a new identity. some of the kiosk how long the application period will be opened one month. making each other crazy with the room and says anton. no russian rubles to be seen here for the moment at least a business is still done in ukrainian opinion. i want them. it's all different times to catch it. signs of the gospel pleasures that make them can tell. much of it to them. off to a twenty minute wait it's and tones town. he's taken a step
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towards using a brush and costs. points blue and granted the russian flag. now everywhere in crimea the older three hundred and forty thousand inhabitants of the crimean capitals in full tilt. the colors stand for new beginnings and new opportunities more war the most locals think that union with russia will get them the chance of them that's a lot. economically and personally the more the government says it wants to fight corruption on the peninsula. thomas is happiness and prosperity in a new crime. for all. the tom people he turned to me as
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promised it's the next time i visit a family of snakes on tossed on the outskirts of simple fall. this is grandma that one idea and ten grandchildren. the city's grandfather of three more idea than welcome socks one of the grandchildren media makes sweet turkish coffee for us. he thinks the bill if it were. tom does make up fourteen percent of chinese population. and the regional inhabitants of the peninsula stalin had been deported during the second world war in the nineteen nineties many families returned with old wounds and new hopes. those hopes have now faded again he said. luckily knew that i read ten times have always been treated badly since monday when three hundred years. now this russian comes
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along once in a distinct and painted the bear is it that was to them this time i don't want to hear about russia would rather die than become russian. this is my home we did in crimea for so long says three where we spent it again. as make it to ukraine but not us we can anyone say he believes is in tcm so sad because they voted against becoming a brush in the referendum by ms todd has no fear repercussions. then friday and now only exist in old folk songs. he ain't it i know know that the wound i had it all. he he he added he and. the she ate. i can
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she did. the meeting on the scene told the intention was to see. the result on this day is on the southeastern coast. even in soviet times it was a popular tourist destination the scenery around the town is beautiful that i need to use of topical. the piccies on peaceful. until now tourism was the main source of income for the region despite how run down some parts of the time. it's the study of the cafes on the streets of the new stock offering. inside the city i
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might as well to brush and start coming here since this woman ukrainian swim coming months. they showed nothing against them. in the midst of all says this man perhaps too much. let's wait and see. i found. not that you'd awesome private hotels and rents times in the town are now set to be nationalized. when the russians as this man the real crime ian rush and michael crime and russians i'm happy to the region belongs to us again. take a look around we made it even possible to make it on the back some of the pantry on deposits is nothing being done nothing important people in a loose to believe things can only get better and am happy about the new hotness. i want to speak to those people in london on the welcoming crime in the ukrainian minute trip i managed to speak to the captain of one of the ships that doesn't want to surrender monday beauty
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produce tells me he in the fifties and as unto him go and get themselves out of the russians without a fight even though he knows there's no hope of victory. i will never be the first ones to find he says but if we tested will shoot back. the ship or shining sea became a symbol of resistance to russia the crew held open two weeks they can take a job with viking songs like this one there's no maintenance. i am you know the scientists tell me that they are to lose at least equity traders. a man is ukraine and always will be then on the evening of the twenty fifth of oct
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things change very quickly the next morning i meet with the ukrainian office and not as upset as he often sees the hand of the press office it's a role he wants to keep but not in crimea. the wind on the road we spoke russian transport vehicles carry no weight ukrainian tanks russia now has the peninsula are completely under its control. the drummers. i was getting one. that is nonsense it's time for him to the crimea. monty tells me it's not that simple the trio with a cookie that was successful because two weeks we still haven't been ordered to leave that aside from that song probably also have to get ukraine without my family. it's like georgia is just finishing school. my wife is looking up to
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the kids the feeling that my mother is sick. leo woman in the contest companies with whom he has unfolded our family would be spaced out and i have taken these problems in my home back on then in scranton sample of the few dozen protesters are calling on russia to annex more pots of south eastern ukraine. the demonstration is organized by the political parties' russian unity the and tone doesn't think anything will come into his plans. the young taxi driver has now got his passport but says it has launched his abdication. now he just needs to wait the evening i meet some of his friends and email me and said donna. they're all excited about the changes that are happening. they have concerns too the day. mike
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and tom as self employed am looking forward to new business opportunities that could come their way through russia my ukrainian thomas is still working with lisa has gone dry. they went along. i have to try to make contact in russia but i want to own option. it is it was hoped that the elders probably shocked about what's happening crimea says demon nobody can fathom how it was even possible help the team managed it. it was absolute genius and happy the trainee should resign themselves to the time crying and his russian says and some who will get on with life in our new home that russia is the land of opportunities like every other country in the well is the mean things to look out his intention to siberia. i can and money that has a civil servant result why not i can get wherever i feel happy. though
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candidates whose last names on the shelves welcome to the russian federation. they want a drink to the future they have no doubts about the legality of russians take care of that in crimea. he has one and all. good evening is now six pm the time you're watching it to you the jewel in the late seventies as the city. with this aerial search. bob. you go the eye
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annie. i mean the week. you
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are. wind blew in . i know the road to mind. i mean that. i hope that this is by then had to get a bit silly and dynamic economy. hyundai destination. i was on the big end of


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